Meal Hero App – Raising the Bar

Kraft-Heinz is offering an app called Meal Hero, which claims to use AI to do custom menu planning based on the answers to just a few questions.


I found it impressive.  I selected 4 as a typical number of servings, and Vegetarian as my primary diet plan.  I disliked 5 ingredients, including salmon and tuna. I liked something like 10 recipes and disliked something like 40…including some meat based – maybe that was to train the AI on what flavors I like?


I was asked for “Go To” recipes, and created a Lentil Burger.  The app asked me what I wanted to include, including type of lentils, vegetables, herbs, spices. 


In a few minutes I ended up with a lovely menu: Kale and Quinoa Salad, Hearty Vegetarian Tacos, Quick and Easy Black Besn Soup (Vegan), Buckwheat Vermicelli Stirfry with Tofu, Easy Sweet Potato, Kale and Quinoa Curry.  Each recipe included a photo, prep time, and ingredient count.


Hitting the cart icon generated a shopping list, initially by recipe, with an alternate sort by Department.  The big red button at the top of the list said [GET ONE HOUR GROCERY DELIVERY] via an integration with Instacart.


Under the person  icon in the menu, Preferences, both meals (the ones I had hearted rather than Xed) were shown, and Collections (probably a vehicle to store weekly meal plans) are listed as Coming Soon.


Hitting the honey ginger tofu and veggie stir-fry led me first to the ingredient list.  Hitting the Instructions button took me to the original source…


Given the backing of Kraft-Heinz, it seems likely that Meal Hero will iron out the few rough spots (offering SOOOO many meat based dishes to one who has selected Vegetarian as a Plan type).  The connections – between millions of recipes, including scaling, to Instacart and very fast delivery within tiny windows is a game changer. Personal chefs are going to have to up their game to add value in a world where so much data, choice, customization, personalization, and outright convenience are available to so many for so little (Free app, minimal delivery charge for Instacart).

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